Mauduit, Jacques

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Mauduit, Jacques

Mauduit, Jacques , noted French composer; b. Paris, Sept. 16, 1557; d. there, Aug. 21, 1627. He studied humanities and philosophy, but was self-taught in music. He served as royal secretary and registrar in the judiciary. His gifts as a composer were recognized when he won the St. Cecilia’s Day Competition in Evreux in 1581 for his motet Afferte Domine for 5 Voices. He became associated with Baifs Académie de Poésie et de Musique in Paris, and made several settings of Baïfs poems. During the siege of Paris, he saved Baïfs unpubl. MSS and helped Le Jeune escape the city, saving the MS of his Dodecacorde. Many of his own works are lost.


(23) Chansonettes mesurées de Jean-Antoine de Baïf for 4 Voices (Paris, 1586; éd. by H. Expert in Les Maîtres Musiciens de la Renaissance Française, X, 1899); Psaumes mesurées à l’antique, 1 prière for 4 and 5 Voices (publ, in M. Mersenne’s Quaestiones celeberrimae in Genesim, 1623); Requiem aeternum for 5 Voices, for the funeral of Rosnard (1585; publ. by M. Mersenne, 1636–37).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Mauduit, Jacques

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