Kobbé, Gustav

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Kobbé, Gustav (b NY, 1857; d Long Island, 1918). Amer. music critic and writer. From 1880 mus. critic for several NY papers, incl. the Herald for 18 years. Attended first Parsifal at Bayreuth 1882. Wrote 2-vol. life of Wagner (1890), and several other books. His chef d'œuvre was The Complete Opera Book, a coll. of synopses and analyses of a large number of operas which was on the point of completion when he was killed by a seaplane striking his sailing-boat. 1st edn. pubd. 1922, with additions by Katherine Wright. Extensive rev. 1954 ed. by Earl of Harewood, who has continued revs. up to 10th edn., 1987.