Ingegneri, Marc’Antonio

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Ingegneri, Marc’Antonio

Ingegneri, Marc’Antonio, important Italian composer; b. Verona, c. 1547; d. Cremona, July 1, 1592. He was a choirboy at Verona Cathedral, where he most likely studied with its maestro di cappella, Vincenzo Ruffo. Around 1568 he settled in Cremona, where he was prefect of music at the Cathedral from 1578. He acted as maestro di cappella from 1579, and was officially named to that position in 1581. Monteverdi was his pupil. Ingegneri distinguished himself as a composer of both secular and sacred music. See G. Cesari, ed., La musica in Cremona nella seconda metà del secolo XVI e i primordi dell’arte monteverdiana, Istituzioni e Monumenti dell’Arte Musicale Italiana, VI (1939) and B. Hudson, ed., MA. Ingegneri: 7 Madrigale, Das Chorwerk, CXV (1974).


(ali publ. in Venice): vocal: sacred:Liber primus missarum for 5 and 8 Voices (1573); Sacrarum cantionum-…liber primus for 5 Voices (1576; ed. by M. Duggan in Marc Antonio Ingegneri: Motets for Four and Five Voices, diss., Univ. of Rochester, 1968); Sacrarum cantionum…liber primus for 4 Voices (1586; ed. in the preceding diss.); Liber secundus missarum for 5 Voices (1587); Responsoria hebdomadae sanctae, Benedictus, & improperia… & Miserere for 4 and 6 Voices (1588); Lamentationes Hieremiae for 4 Voices (1588); Liber sacrarum cantionum for 7 to 10, 12, and 16 Voices and Instruments ad libitum (1589); Sacrae cantiones…liber primus for 6 Voices (1591); Liber secundus hymnorum for 4 Voices (1606). secular:Il primo libro de madrigali for 5 and 8 Voices (not extant);Il secondo libro de madrigali for 5 Voices (1572); Il primo libro de madrigali for 4 Voices (Ist ed. not extant; 2nd ed., 1578); Il secondo libro de madrigali…con due arie di canzon francese per sonare for 4 Voices (1579); Il terzo libro de madrigali…con due canzoni francese for 5 Voices (1580); Il quarto libro de madrigali for 5 Voices (1584); Il primo libro de madrigali for 6 Voices (1586); Il quinto libro de madrigali for 5 Voices (1587); Il sesto libro de madrigali for 5 Voices (1606); other madrigals in collections of the day.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire