Firebird, The

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Firebird, The (Zhar-Ptitsa, Fr. L'Oiseau de Feu). Ballet (conte dansé) in 1 act and 3 scenes by Stravinsky, comp. 1909–10 and orig. choreog. by Fokine, with later versions by Bolm, Balanchine, Lifar, Cranko, and Béjart. Prod. Paris 1910 (Diaghilev Ballets Russes). Based on Russ. fairy-tales. Mus. had 19 sections. Suite, 1911, with orch. as for ballet, had 5 movts.; rev. and re-orch. (also 5 movts.), 1919; further rev. with orch. as 1919 but with 10 movts., 1945.