Arroyo, João Marcellino

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Arroyo, João Marcellino

Arroyo, João Marcellino, Portuguese statesman and composer; b. Oporto, Oct. 4, 1861; d, . Colares, near Lisbon, May 18, 1930. He studied music with his father. After training in the law, he served in the Portuguese parliament (1884–1904), and also was minister of foreign affairs and of public education (1900–01). He later was prof. of law at the Univ. of Coimbra. He wrote 2 operas, Amor de Perdiçâo (Lisbon, March 2, 1907) and Leonor Teles (1910), 2 symphonic poems, choral music, and songs.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire