Zysman, John

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ZYSMAN, John. American. Genres: Economics. Career: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, lecturer in political science, 1973- 74; University of California, Berkeley, assistant professor, 1974-82, associate professor of political science, 1982-; Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy, co-director. Visiting academic at London School of Economics, 1976-77. Advisor to groups and organizations. Publications: Political Strategies for Industrial Order: State, Market, and Industry in France, 1977; (with M. Borrus and J. Millstein) U.S.-Japanese Competition in the Semi-Conductor Industry, 1982; Governments, Markets, and Growth: Finance and the Politics of Industrial Change, 1983; (with S.S. Cohen) Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-Industrial Economy, 1987; (with W. Sandholtz and Borrus) The Highest Stakes: The Economic Foundations of the Next Security System, 1992. EDITOR: (with L.D. Tyson) American Industry in International Competition, 1983; (with Tyson and W.T. Dickens) The Dynamics of Trade and Employment, 1988; (with Tyson and C. Johnson) Politics and Productivity: The Real Story of How Japan Works, 1989. CONTRIBUTOR: Suleiman and Warnecke, editors, European Industrial Policy, 1975; S. Hoffman, editor, Twenty Years of Gaullism, 1980; S.S. Cohen and P. Gourevitch, editors, France in the World Economy, 1982; P. Krugman, editor, Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics, 1986; C.E. Barfield and W.A. Schambra, editors, The Politics of Industrial Policy, 1986. Contributor to periodicals. Address: Department of Political Science, 2234 Piedmont, University of Caliifornia, Berkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A.