The World Moves On

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The World Moves On ★★ 1934

In 1825, the Girards and the Warburtons are the most prominent families in the New Orleans cotton industry. A will unites them in business, which expands overseas to England, France, and Germany. But after some four generations, their business empire is destroyed by WWI and the stock market crash. Tone plays a Girard and Carroll a Warburton who find love over several incarnations. 104m/B DVD . Madeleine Carroll, Franchot Tone, Lumsden Hare, Reginald Denny, Raul Roulien, Sig Rumann, Louise Dresser, Stepin Fetchit, Dudley Digges; D: John Ford; W: Reginald Berkeley; C: George Schneiderman; M: Hugo Freidhofer.

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The World Moves On

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