Weekend at Bernie's 2

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Weekend at Bernie's 2 ★½ 1993 (PG)

Unlikely but routine sequel to the original's cavorting cadaver slapstick, except now McCarthy and Silverman are frantically hunting for Bernie's (Kiser) cash stash, a quest that takes them and poor dead Bernie to the Caribbean. See Bernie get stuffed in a suitcase, see Bernie hang glide, see Bernie tango, see Bernie attract the opposite sex. Thin script with one-joke premise done to death but fun for those in the mood for the postmortem antics of a comedic stiff. Plenty of well-executed gags involving the well-preserved corpse (particularly one that's been dead for two films now) should lure back fans of the 1989 original. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser, Steve James, Troy Beyer, Barry Bostwick; D: Robert Klane; W: Robert Klane; M: Peter Wolf.