A Very Serious Person

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A Very Serious Person ★★ 2006

Precocious, orphaned 13-year-old Gil (Verhoest) lives with his grandma, Mrs. A (Bergen), and loves their beachside summers. She accepts his budding sexuality (a queen in the making) although he can't accept the fact that she is dying. Mrs. A needs professional nursing that companion Betty (Ivey) can't handle, so she hires prim Danish male nurse Jan (Busch—mostly out of drag). Jan and Gil become friends, but Jan is also overprotective. Knowing that the boy will soon be living with distant relatives, he urges Gil to an unwilling (and unlikely) conformity. 96m/ C DVD . Charles Busch, Polly Bergen, Dana Ivey, Julie Halston, P.J. Verhoest, Carl Andress; D: Charles Busch; W: Charles Busch, Carl Andress; C: Joseph Parlagreco; M: Andrew Sherman.

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A Very Serious Person

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