Vengeance of the Dead

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Vengeance of the Dead ★½ 2001

This homegrown horror flick never manages to live up to the big ideas which it introduces. Eric (Galvin) journeys to the town of Harvest, to visit his Grandpa (Vollmers). (Although we're never told where he's been or given an idea of how long he's going to stay.) Once he's settled in, Eric has strange nightmares concerning a little girl, an act of violence, and a burning house. These dreams lead him to sleepwalk through the town and commit strange acts of vengeance. The dreams and Eric's behaviors are linked to a crime from many years ago, and a ghostly presence is seeking revenge on those responsible. Despite an interesting premise, but the film is slow, boring, and hard to follow at times. Kudos to filmmakers Adams and Picardi for squeezing as much as possible out of their limited budget, but this movie can't overcome its amateur roots. 85m/C DVD . Michael Galvin, Mark Vollmers; D: Don Adams, Harry James Picardi.