Valley of the Kings

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Valley of the Kings ★★½ 1954

Corny big dig movie that does have some nice Egyptian scenery. Archeologist Mark Brandon (Taylor) is searching for the treasure of pharoah RaHotep in 1900s Egypt. Ann (Parker) would like to prove that several Bible stories are, in fact, true while her husband Philip (Thompson) is supposed to be helping Mark but is only out for himself. Although he does seem a little upset when Mark and Ann begin making googoo eyes at each other. 86m/C VHS . Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker, Kurt Kasznar, Carlos Thompson, Victor Jory, Leon Askin, Aldo Silvani; D: Robert Pirosh; W: Robert Pirosh, Karl Tunberg; C: Robert L. Surtees; M: Miklos Rozsa.

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Valley of the Kings

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