Ustinov, (Sir) Peter (Alexander)

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USTINOV, (Sir) Peter (Alexander)

USTINOV, (Sir) Peter (Alexander). British, b. 1921. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Autobiography/Memoirs, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Actor and director. Goodwill Ambassador, UNICEF, 1969-. Rector, University of Dundee, 1968-74; Chancellor, University of Durham. Publications: House of Regrets, 1942; The New Lot (documentary screenplay), 1943; Blow Your Own Trumpet, 1943; Beyond, 1943; The Banbury Nose, 1944; Plays About People, 1950; The Love of Four Colonels, 1951; The Moment of Truth, 1951; Romanoff and Juliet, 1956; And a Dash of Pity: Short Stories, 1959; The Loser (novel), 1961; Ustinov's Diplomats: A Book of Photographs, 1960; We Were Only Human (caricatures), 1961; Photo Finish, 1962; Five Plays, 1965; The Frontiers of the Sea, 1966; The Unknown Soldier and His Wife: Two Acts of War Separated by a Truce for Refreshment, 1967; Halfway up the Tree, 1967; The Wit of Peter Ustinov, 1969; Kumnagel (novel), 1971; R Love J, 1973; Dear Me (memoirs), 1977; Memed My Hawk (screenplay), 1982; My Russia (memoirs/travel), 1983; Ustinov in Russia, 1987; The Disinformer (novella), 1989; The Old Man and Mr. Smith (novel), 1990; Ustinov at Large (compilations of articles), 1991; Still at Large, 1993; Quotable Ustinov (quotations), 1995; Monsieur Rene, 1999. Died 2004.