Underwood, Peter

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UNDERWOOD, Peter. British, b. 1923. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Film, Paranormal, Autobiography/Memoirs, Biography, Reference. Career: Royal Society of Arts, fellow; Ghost Club Society, president. Publications: A Gazetteer of British Ghosts, 1971; Into the Occult, 1972; Horror Man: The Life of Boris Karloff (in US as Karloff), 1972; A Gazetteer of Scottish and Irish Ghosts, 1973, as Gazetteer of Scottish Ghosts, 1974; A Host of Hauntings, 1973; (with P. Tabori) The Ghosts of Borley, 1973; Haunted London, 1973; Life's A Drag: A Biography of Danny La Rue, 1974; The Vampire's Bedside Companion, 1975; (with L. Wilder) Lives to Remember, 1975; Deeper into the Occult, 1975; Hauntings, 1977; Ghosts of North West England, 1978; Dictionary of the Supernatural, 1978, as Dictionary of the Occult and Supernatural, 1979; Ghosts of Wales, 1978; The Complete Book of Dowsing and Divining, 1980; A Ghost Hunter's Handbook, 1980; Ghosts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1982; Ghosts of Devon, 1982; Ghosts of Cornwall, 1983; No Common Task-The Autobiography of a Ghost Hunter, 1983; This Haunted Isle, 1984; Ghosts of Kent, 1984; The Ghost Hunters, 1985; Ghosts of Somerset, 1985; West Country Hauntings, 1986; The Ghost Hunter's Guide, 1986; Queen Victoria's Other World, 1986; Jack the Ripper: 100 Years of Mystery, 1987; Mysterious Places, 1988; Ghosts of Dorset, 1988; Ghosts of Wiltshire, 1989; Exorcism!, 1990; Ghostly Encounters, 1992; The A-Z of British Ghosts, 1992; Death in Hollywood, 1992; Ghosts and How to See Them, 1993; Ghosts and Phantoms of the West, 1993; Nights in Haunted Houses, 1994; Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places, 1996; Borley Postscript, 2002. EDITOR: Thirteen Famous Ghost Stories, 1977; Peter Underwood's Favourite Tale of the Fantastical, 2001. Address: c/o The Savage Club, 1 Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2HD, England.