Tunstall, C. Jeremy

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TUNSTALL, C. Jeremy. British, b. 1934. Genres: Communications/Media, Sociology. Career: Professor of Sociology, City University, London, 1974-. Research Officer, London School of Economics, 1962-65; Research Fellow, University of Essex, 1965-69; Sr Lecturer in Sociology, Open University, 1969-74. Consultant, Royal Commission on the Press, 1975-76. Publications: The Fishermen, 1962; The Advertising Man, 1964; Old and Alone, 1966; The Westminster Lobby Correspondents, 1970; (ed.) Media Sociology, 1970; (ed. with K. Thompson) Sociological Perspectives, 1971; Journalists at Work, 1971; (ed.) The Open University Opens, 1974; The Media Are American, 1977; (with D. Walker) Media Made in California, 1981; The Media in Britain, 1983; Communications Deregulation, 1986; (with M. Palmer) Liberating Communications, 1990; (with M. Palmer) Media Moguls, 1991; Television Producers, 1993; Newspaper Power, 1996; The Anglo- American Media Connection, 1999; (ed.) Media Occupations and Professions, 2001. Address: 19 S. Villas, Camden Sq, London NW1 9BS, England.