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Transfixed ★½ Bad Genres; Mauvais Genres 2001

A whodunnit set in the seamy side of Brussels. Crossdressing Bo (Stevenin) sees police inspector Paul Huysmans (Bohringer) arrest his father for pedophilia. Does this crime tie into a serial killer who's going after the local tranves tites and prostitutes? Muddled wannabe Hitchcock, although Stevenin gives a stellar performance. Based on the novel “Transfixions” by Brigitte Aubert. French with subtitles. 109m/C DVD . BE FR Robinson Stevenin, Richard Bohringer, Micheline Presle, Stephane Metzger; D: Francis Girod; W: Francis Girod, Philippe Cougrand; C: Thierry Jault; M: Alexandre Desplat.