Train of Events

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Train of Events ★★½ 1949

An interesting look at lives affected by a train wreck just outside London, taking the form of four short episodes. Three are frankly somber, depressing tales of the illfated train driver, a murderer and an escaped prisonerofwar. The fourth segment is a refreshingly lighthearted piece about ro mantic jealousies in a traveling orchestra. A precursor to the later swarm of crass disaster movies, except here emphasis is on character over special effects. 89m/B VHS . Jack Warner, Gladys Henson, Susan Shaw, Patric Doonan, Miles Malleson, Leslie Phillips, Joan Dowling, Laurence Payne, Valerie Hobson, John Clements, Peter Finch, Mary Morris, Laurence Naismith, Michael Hordern; D: Sidney Cole, Basil Dearden, Charles Crichton.