Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams

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Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams ★★ 1999 (R)

Pilot movie for the brief series that had only a tentative connection to the Ahnuld movie and the short stories of Philip K. Dick. David Hume (Easton) is a 21st century cop who is supposed to keep an eye on the Consortium, the group of private companies that unofficially now run the world. They create mayhem and he tries to clean it up. Hume must battle rogue androids and solve the murders that occurred at the virtual reality vacation agency, Total Rekall. 83m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Easton, Karl Pruner, Cynthia (Cyndy, Cindy) Preston, Judith Krant, Nick Mancuso; D: Mario Azzopardi; C: Peter Wunstorf. CABLE