The Tooth Fairy

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The Tooth Fairy ★ 2006

Peter (Munro) is renovating an old house, and his girlfriend Darcy (West) and her 12-year-old daughter Pamela (Munoz) come to help out. While looking around, Pam meets young Emma (Ballard), who tells her that the house was owned by an old woman named Elizabeth Craven (Konoval), who lured neighborhood kids inside with the promise of presents if they would give her their baby teeth. Instead, she killed them. Apparently, renovating the house has stirred up “The Tooth Fairy” and when Pam's last baby tooth happens to fall out, the horrors begin again. Silly rather than scary. 89m/C DVD . Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West, Karin Konoval, P.J. Soles, Steve Bacic, Nicole Munoz, Jianna Ballard; D: Chuck Bowman; W: Stephen J. Cannell, Corey Strode, Cookie Rae Brown; C: David Pelletier; M: Richard John Baker, Jon Lee. VIDEO