They Died with Their Boots On

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They Died with Their Boots On ★★★ 1941

The Battle of Little Big Horn is re-created Hollywood style. Takes liberties with historical fact, but still an exciting portrayal of General Custer's last stand. The movie also marks the last time de Havilland worked with Flynn. Also available colorized. 141m/B VHS, DVD . Errol Flynn, Sydney Greenstreet, Anthony Quinn, Hattie McDaniel, Arthur Kennedy, Gene Lockhart, Regis Toomey, Olivia de Havilland, Charley Grapewin, G.P. (Tim) Huntley Jr., Frank Wilcox, Joseph (Joe) Sawyer, Eddie Acuff, Minor Watson, Tod Andrews, Stanley Ridges, John Litel, Walter Hampden, Joseph Crehan, Selmer Jackson, Gig Young, Dick Wessel; D: Raoul Walsh; W: Aeneas MacKenzie; C: Bert Glennon; M: Max Steiner.