Teenage Caveman 1958

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Teenage Caveman ★★ Out of the Darkness; Prehistoric World 1958

A teenage boy living in a post-apocalypse yet prehistoric world journeys across the river, even though he was warned against it, and finds an old man who owns a book about past civilizations in the 20th Century. Schlocky, and one of the better bad films around. The dinosaur shots were picked up from the film “One Million B.C.” 66m/B VHS . Robert Vaughn, Darrah Marshall, Leslie Bradley, Frank De Kova, Jonathan Haze, Beach Dickerson, Marshall Bradford, Robert Shayne, Joseph H. Hamilton, June Jocelyn, Charles P. Thompson; D: Roger Corman; W: Robert W(right) Campbell; C: Floyd Crosby; M: Albert Glasser.