Strom, Robert

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STROM, Robert

STROM, Robert. American, b. 1935. Genres: Education, Psychology. Career: Director, Office of Parent Development International, Arizona State University, Tempe, professor of lifespan developmental psychology, currently. Publications: Teaching in the Slum School, 1965; Psychology for the Classroom, 1969; The Urban Teacher, 1971; Parent and Child in Fiction, 1977; Growing Together: Parent and Child Development, 1978; Growing Through Play, 1980; Educational Psychology, 1982; Human Development and Learning, 1987; Becoming a Better Grandparent: Viewpoints on Strengthening the Family, 1991; Becoming a Better Grandparent: A Guidebook for Strengthening the Family, 1991; Grandparent Education: A Guide for Leaders, 1991; Achieving Grandparent Potential: Viewpoints on Building Intergenerational Relationships, 1992; Achieving Grandparent Potential: A Guidebook for Building Intergenerational Relationships, 1992; Grandparent Strengths and Needs Inventory, 1993; Parent as a Teacher Inventory, 1995; Parent Success Indicator, 1998; Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory, 2001. EDITOR: (with P. Torrance) Mental Health and Achievement, 1965; Teacher and the Learning Process, 1971; Values and Human Development, 1973; (with P. Torrance) Education for Affective Achievement, 1973; Teaching and Its Preconditions, 1974. Address: 6017 E Cambridge Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]