Streets of Fire

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Streets of Fire ★★½ 1984

A soldier of fortune rescues his ex-girlfriend, now a famous rock singer, after she's been kidnapped by a malicious motorcycle gang. Violently energetic in its insistent barrage of imagery. Director Hill's never-never land establishes a retro-futuristic feel and is beautifully photographed, however vacuous the ending may be. 93m/C VHS, DVD, HD DVD . Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Willem Dafoe, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Richard Lawson, Rick Rossovich, Bill Paxton, Lee Ving, Stoney Jackson, Robert Kevin Townsend, Grand L. Bush, Mykelti Williamson, Elizabeth (E.G. Dailey) Daily, Lynne Thigpen, Marine Jahan, Ed Begley Jr., John Dennis Johnston, Olivia Brown; D: Walter Hill; W: Walter Hill, Larry Gross; C: Andrew Laszlo; M: Ry Cooder.