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Strait-Jacket ★★ ½ 1964

After Crawford is released from an insane asylum where she was sent 20 years for axing her husband and his mistress, mysterious axe murders begin to occur in the neighborhood. Coincidence? Aging axist Crawford is the prime suspect, and even she cannot say for sure who's doing it. Daughter Baker is there to help her adjust. Moderately creepy grade B+ slasher is lifted somewhat by Crawford. Written by Robert Bloch (“Psycho”). Never one to miss a gimmick, director Castle arranged for the distribution of cardboard “bloody axes” to all theatre patrons attending the movie. 89m/B VHS, DVD . Joan Crawford, Leif Erickson, Diane Baker, George Kennedy, Howard St. John, Rochelle Hudson, Edith Atwater, Lee Majors, John Anthony Hayes, Mitchell Cox, Lee Yeary, Patricia Krest; D: William Castle; W: Robert Bloch; C: Arthur E. Arling; M: Van Alexander.