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STEVENSON, James. American, b. 1929. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Artist and writer for The New Yorker mag., since 1956. Publications: CHILDREN'S FICTION: Walker, The Witch, and the Striped Flying Saucer, 1969; The Bear Who Had No Place to Go, 1972; Here Comes Herb's Hurricane!, 1973; Could be Worse!, 1977; Wilfred the Rat, 1977; (with Edwina Stevenson) Help! Yelled Maxwell, 1978; The Sea View Hotel, 1978; Winston, Newton, Elton, and Ed, 1978; The Worst Person in the World, 1978; Fast Friends: Two Stories, 1979; Monty, 1979; Clams Can't Sing, 1980; Howard, 1980; That Terrible Halloween Night, 1980; The Night after Christmas, 1981; The Wish Card Ran Out!, 1981; Oliver, Clarence, and Violet, 1982; We Can't Sleep, 1982; Barbara's Birthday, 1983; Grandpa's Great City Tour, 1983; The Great Big Especially Beautiful Easter Egg, 1983; What's under My Bed!, 1983; Worse Than Willy!, 1984; Yuck!, 1984; Are We Almost There?, 1985; Emma, 1985; That Dreadful Day, 1985; Fried Feathers for Thanksgiving, 1986; No Friends, 1986; There's Nothing to Do!, 1986; When I Was Nine, 1986; Higher on the Door, 1987; Happy Valentine's Day, Emma!, 1987; No Need for Monty, 1987; Will you Please Feed Our Cat?, 1987; The Supreme Souvenir Factory, 1988; We Hate Rain!, 1988; The Worst Person in the World at Crab Beach, 1988; Oh No, It's Waylon's Birthday!, 1989; Grandpa's too Good Garden, 1989; Unhappy New Year, Emma!, 1989; July, 1990; Which One Is Whitney?, 1990; National Worm Day, 1990; Quick! Turn the Page!, 1990; Emma at the Beach, 1990; The Stowaway, 1990; That's Exactly the Way It Wasn't, 1991; BRRR, 1991; The Worst Person's Christmas, 1991; Don't You Know There's a War On?, 1992; Rolling Rose, 1992; And Then What?, 1993; The Flying Acorns, 1993; The Pattaconk Brook, 1993; Fun No Fun, 1994; The Mud Flat Olympics, 1994; The Sea View Hotel, 1994; Worse than the Worst, 1994; A Village Full of Valentines, 1995; All Aboard, 1995; The Bones in The Cliff, 1995; I Meant to Tell You, 1995; The Royal Nap, 1995; Sweet Corn, 1995; The Worst Goes South, 1995; I Had a Lot of Wishes, 1995; Daddy, Could I Have an Elephant?, 1996; The Oldest Elf, 1996; What You Do Is Easy, What I Do Is Hard, 1996; Yard Sale, 1996, Heat Wave at Mud Flat, 1997. FOR ADULTS: Do Yourself a Favor, Kid (novel), 1962; The Summer Houses (novel), 1963; Sorry, Lady-This Beach Is Private! (cartoons), 1963; Sometimes, But Not Always (novel), 1967; Annual Report, 1969; Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme, 1971; Something Marvelous Is about to Happen, 1971; Cool Jack and the Beanstalk (comic strip novel), 1976; Let's Boogie! (cartoons), 1978; Uptown Local, Downtown Express, 1983. Address: c/o Darhansoff and Verrill Literary, 236 W. 26th St, Rm 802, New York, NY 10001-6736, U.S.A.

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