Slings & Arrows: Season 2

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Slings & Arrows: Season 2 ★★★ 2005

Geoffrey Tennant (Gross) is the reluctant artistic director of the financially troubled New Burbage Theater Festival. This season's star-crossed production is that cursed Scottish play “MacBeth,” which has Geoffrey clashing with pompous star Henry Breedlove (Wyn Davies) and still seeing his ghostly mentor, Oliver (Ouimette). Company diva Ellen (Burns) is being audited, pretentious director Darren Nichols (McKellar) is staging “Romeo and Juliet,” and the festival's image is being re-branded by a cut-throat ad exec (Feore). 6 episodes. 280m/C DVD . CA Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Stephen Ouimette, Colm Feore, Geraint Wyn Davies, Don McKellar, Matt Fitzgerald, Mark McKinney, Susan Coyne; D: Peter Wellington; W: Mark McKinney, Susan Coyne, Bob Martin.