Silverman, Jerry

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SILVERMAN, Jerry. American, b. 1931. Genres: Music, Mythology/ Folklore, Translations, Novellas/Short stories, Cultural/Ethnic topics, History, Civil liberties/Human rights, How-to books. Career: Musicologist, folksinger, guitarist, teacher, author. Publications: Folk Blues, 1958; Folksinger's Guitar Guide, 1962, vol. 2, 1966; Art of the Folk Blues Guitar, 1964; Beginning the Folk Guitar, 1964; (trans.) Russian Songs, 1966; Flat Picker's Guitar Guide, 1966; Sixty-Two Outrageous Songs, 1966; A Folksinger's Guide to Note Reading and Music Theory, 1966; The Chord Player's Encyclopedia, 1967; How to Play the Guitar, 1968; Graded Guitar, 10 vols., 1970; That Good Old Razza Ma Tazz, 1970; Folksongs for Schools and Camps, 1971; The Liberated Woman's Songbook, 1971; How to Play Better Guitar, 1972; Beginning the Five-String Banjo, 1974; Jerry Silverman Folk Guitar Method Book, 1974; Jerry Silverman Folk Harmonica, 1974; Jerry Silverman Blues Harmonica, 1974; The Folksong Encyclopedia, 1975; Ragtime Guitar, 1975; How to Play Country Fiddle, 1975; Favorite Folk Songs, 1976; Children's Songs, 1976; Blues, 1976; Love Songs, 1976; Bluegrass, 1976; Folksongs for Flute, 1977; Folk Guitar-Folk Songs, 1977; How Can I Keep from Singing, 1977; Folksongs for Voice and Classical Guitar, 1977; The Back Packer's Song Book, 1977; Favorite Christmas Songs and Carols, 1977; Ragtime Solos and Duets, 1978; No More Booze, 1978; Look, Listen, and Learn Guitar, 1979; Guitar Folk Styles, 1979; The Young Guitarist, 1980; Sing and Play Blues, 1980; Sing and Play Ragtime, 1980; Easy Folk Fiddle, 2 vols., 1980; Play Guitar in 15 Lessons, 1982; Bass Runs and Arpeggios for Guitar, 1982; How to Play Blues Guitar, 1982; How to Play Ragtime Guitar, 1982; How to Play Bluegrass Guitar, 1982; How to Sing Higher and Lower, 1982; Scales into Chords, 1982; The Dirty Song Book, 1982; Pop Guitar Hits-Fingerstyle, 1983; Country and Western Guitar Hits-Fingerstyle, 1983; The Yiddish Song Book, 1983; Recorder Music for Children, 1990; Campfire Songbook, 1990; Ragtime Songbook, 1990; Kidsongs, 1990; Kidfiddle, 1990; Songs of England, 1991, Songs of Scotland, 1991; Songs of Ireland, 1991; Complete Folk Guitar, 1991; Songs of the Western Frontier, 1991; The American History Songbook, 1991; Train Songs, 1991; Songs of Fun and Foolishness, 1991; The Animal Songbook, 1991; Good Times, Hard Times and Ragtimes, 1991; The Holiday Songbook, 1991; Songs of the Great Outdoors, 1991; A Treasury of Christmas Carols, 1991; Traditional Black Music, 15 vols: Songs of Protest and Civil Rights, 1992; Children's Songs, 1992; African Roots, 1993; Slave Songs, 1993; Blues, 1993; Good-Time Songs; Gospel Songs; Outlaws and Outcasts; Ragtime Song and Dance; Spirituals; Wartime Songs; West Indian and Calypso; Work Songs; Earth and Nature Song, 1992; Songs of Peace and Friendship, 1992; Children Sing around the World, 1992; Immigrant Song Book, 1992; Songs of the Sea, Rivers, Lakes, & Canals, 1992; Songs of the American People, 1993; Ballads and Songs of the Civil War, 1993; Songs That Made History around the World, 1993; Songs of the British Isles, 1993; Blues Classics, 1993; You Can Teach Yourself Folk-Singing Guitar, 1993; British and American Victorian Vocal Varieties, 1994; American Love Songs and Ballads, 1994; America Sings, 1994; Work Songs, 1994-95; Songs and Stories the Revolutionary War, 1994; Songs of Mexico, 1994; Mexican Songs for Guitars, 1994; Songs of France, 1994; Songs of Latin America, 1994; Just Listen to this Song I'm Singing, 1995; Songs of the British Isles for Guitar, 1995; Songs and Stories from Colonial America, 1995; Songs of Spain, 1996; German Songs, 1996; Italian Songs and Arias, 1996; Songs of Latin America for Guitar, 1996; Songs of the Jewish People, 1996; Australian Songs, 1996; Songs of Spain for Guitar, 1996; Backpacker's Harmonica Songbook, 1996; A Guitarist's Treasury of Song, 1997; Russian and Hungarian Gypsy Songs, 1997; Russian and Hungarian Gypsy Songs for Guitar, 1997; Ballads and Songs of World War I, 1997; The Complete Chorales of J.S. Bach, 1997; The Undying Flame, 2001. Address: 160 High St, Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]