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Sidekicks ★★ 1993 (PG)

Cutesy ego vehicle for executive producer Norris. (Brandis) is bullied by the kids at school and doesn't find much support at home from his wellmeaning but ineffectual dad. He has a severe case of heroworship for Norris, who appears as himself in a series of daydream karate sequences, saving the good guy and maiming the bad. Director Norris is actor Norris' brother. Predictable and sappy. 100m/C VHS . Chuck Norris, Jonathan Brandis, Beau Bridges, Mako, Julia Nickson-Soul, Danica McKellar, Richard Moll, Joe Piscopo; D: Aaron Norris; W: Donald W. Thompson, Lou Illar; C: Joao Fernandes; M: Alan Silvestri, David Shire.