Shim, Jae K.

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SHIM, Jae K.

SHIM, Jae K. American (born Korea), b. 1943. Genres: Administration/ Management. Career: Sam Ho Textile Corp., Seoul, Korea, budget & cost analyst, 1965-66; Queens College, City University of New York, Flushing, associate professor of accounting & information systems, 1973-81, visiting professor of economics, 1979-81; California State University, Long Beach, professor of accountancy, 1981-. Publications: WITH JOEL SIEGEL: Variance Analysis for Cost Control and Profit Maximization, 1982; Financial Accounting, 1982, 2nd ed., 1999; Accounting for and Evaluation of Process Cost Systems, 1983; Managerial Accounting, 1983; Managerial Finance, 1986; A Guide to Investments, 1986; Accountants' Microcomputer Handbook, 1986; (and A. Simon) The Vest Pocket MBA, 1986, 2nd ed. (and with A. Simon), 1997; Dictionary of Accounting Terms, 1987, 3rd ed., 2000; Handbook of Financial Analysis, Forecasting, and Modeling, 1988, 2nd. ed., 2001; The Vest Pocket CPA, 1989; The Personal Financial Planning and Investment Guide, 1989; Encyclopedia of Accounting and Finance, 1989; Barron's Accounting Handbook, 1990, 3rd ed., 2000; The Managerial Accountant's Standard Desk Reference, 1990; Thinking Finance, 1990; Keys to Starting a Small Business, 1991; Personal Finance, 1991; Study Keys to Finance, 1991; Financial Management, 1991, 2nd ed., 1998; The Corporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management, 1991, 2nd ed. (and with N. Dauber), 1997; Modern Cost Management and Analysis, 1992, 2nd ed., 2000; Dictionary of Personal Finance, 1992; Keys to Managing Cash Flows, 1992; The McGraw-Hill Pocket Guide to Business Finance, 1992; Source: The Complete Guide to Investment Information, 1992; The Vest Pocket CFO, 1992; The Financial Troubleshooter, 1993; Study Keys to Macroeconomics, 1993; 569 Solutions to Your Personal Finance Problems, 1993; Macroeconomics, 1993; Complete Budgeting Workbook and Guide, 1993; (and others) 101 Investment Decision Tools, 1993; (and others) The Prentice-Hall Handbook of Budgeting, 1994; Budgeting Basics and Beyond, 1994; The Vest Pocket Investor, 1995; Handbook of Budgeting for Nonprofit Organizations, 1996; Financial Management for Nonprofits, 1997; (and with S. Hartman) Quick Study for Business Finance, 1997; Entrepreneurship 101, 2000. OTHER: (with L. Geller) Readings in Cost and Managerial Accounting, 1980; Dictionary of Business Terms, 1987; (with C.J. Liew) Strategic Business Forecasting, 1994, rev. ed., 2000; Budgeting Basics and Beyond, 1994; Accounting and Finance for the Nonfinancial Executive, 2000; (with J. Lansner) 101 Investment Tools, 2001; (with M. Constas) Investment Source- book, 2001. Contributor of articles and reviews to periodicals. Address: School of Business, California State University, Long Beach, CA 90840, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]