Seventh Heaven

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Seventh Heaven ★★ 1998

Married Mathilde (Kiberlain) is sunk in a serious depression that only begins to lessen when she meets a mysterious doctor (Berleand) who specializes in hynosis and alternative medicine. He tells her there are seven levels of heaven—the last a sort of selffulfilled bliss. After a successful session with the doctor, Mathilde is suddenly sexually and emotionally rejuvenated—much to the consternation of her (til then) dominating spouse, Nico (Lindon). The more Mathilde takes control, the less Nico is able to cope with their role reversals. French with subtitles. 91m/C VHS, DVD . FR Sandrine Kiberlain, Vincent Lindon, Francois Berleand; D: Benoit Jacquot; W: Benoit Jacquot, Jerome Beaujour; C: Romain Winding.