Set Me Free

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Set Me Free ★★½ EmporteMoi 1999

Thirteen-year-old Hanna is trying to deal with her loneliness in 1963 Montreal. Her Polish immigrant father (Manojivoic) is a frustrated writer who takes his problems out on his family while his depressed wife (Pussieres) slaves in a garment factory to support them. Hanna tries to find solace at the cinema where she becomes enamored of actress Anna Karina, the sultry star of Jean-Luc Godard's “My Life to Live,” in which she plays an independent prostitute (not a firstchoice role model). Hanna's confusion and unhappiness go unresolved, but then she still has a lot of living to do. French with subtitles. 95m/C VHS . CA SI Karine Vanasse, Miki (Predrag) Manojlovic, Pascale Bussieres, Alexandre Merineau, Charlotte Christeler, Nancy Huston, Monique Mercure; D: Lea Pool; W: Lea Pool, Monique H. Messier, Nancy Huston; C: Jeanne Lapoirie.