Searching for Bobby Fischer

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Searching for Bobby Fischer ★★★½ 1993 (PG)

Sevenyearold Josh Waitzkin (Pomeranc, in his debut) shows an amazing gift for chess, stunning his parents, who must then try to strike the delicate balance of developing his abilities while also allowing him a “normal” childhood. Excellent cast features Mantegna and Allen as his parents, Kingsley as demanding chess teacher Pandolfini, and Fishburne as an adept speedchess hustler. Pomeranc is great, and his knowledge of chess (he's a ranked player) brings authenticity to his role. Title comes from Pandolfini's belief that Josh may equal the abilities of chess whiz Bobby Fischer. Underrated little gem based on a true story and adapted from the book by Waitzkin's father. 111m/C VHS, DVD . Joe Mantegna, Max Pomeranc, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley, Laurence Fishburne, Robert Stephens, David Paymer, William H. Macy, Hal Scardino; D: Steven Zaillian; W: Steven Zaillian; C: Conrad L. Hall; M: James Horner. MTV Movie Awards '94: New Filmmaker (Zaillian).