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SCOTT, Bill. (William Neville Scott). Australian, b. 1923. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Poetry, Songs/Lyrics and libretti, Area studies, Cultural/Ethnic topics, Music, Mythology/Folklore, Autobiography/Memoirs, Young adult fiction. Career: Full-time writer. Bookseller, publisher and editor in the 1950s and 1960s. Medal of the Order of Australia, 1992. Publications: Focus on Judith Wright, 1967; Some People (short stories), 1968; Brother and Brother (verse), 1972; Portrait of Brisbane, 1976; My Uncle Arch and Other People (short stories), 1977; Boori (children's fiction), 1978; Tough in the Old Days (autobiography), 1979; (with J. Meredith) Ned Kelly after a Century of Acrimony, 1980; Darkness under the Hills (children's fiction), 1980; Australian Bushrangers, 1983; Shadows among the Leaves (children's fiction), 1984; The Long and the Short and the Tall (folklore), 1985; Brisbane Sketchbook (area studies), 1988; Following the Gold (children's poems), 1989; Many Kinds of Magic (children's fiction), 1990; The Currency Lad (young adult fiction), 1994; The Banshee and the Bullocky (short stories), 1996; Pelicans and Chihuahuas (folklore), 1996; Lies, Flies and Strange Big Fish (folklore), 2000; See What I've Got (poems), 2001; A Bill Scott Songbook, 2002. EDITOR: The Continual Singing: An Anthology of World Poetry, 1973; The Complete Book of Australian Folklore, 1976; Bushranger Ballads, 1976; The Second Penguin Australian Songbook, 1980; Reading 360 Series, 6 vols., 1981, 6 vols., 1983; Penguin Book of Australian Humorous Verse, 1984. Address: 157 Pratten St, Warwick, QLD 4370, Australia.

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