Relative Strangers

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Relative Strangers ★½ 2006 (PG-13)

Ticky-tacky and too familiar. Uptight self-help author Richard Clayton (Livingston) learns from his oh-so-proper parents (Baranski, Herrmann) that he was adopted. But when Richard finds his birth parents, the Menures (Bates, DeVito) turn out to be less-than-couth trailer park denizens. His fiancee Ellen (Campbell) thinks Richard should just roll with it but he's horrified. 86m/C DVD . Ron Livingston, Neve Campbell, Kathy Bates, Danny DeVito, Christine Baranski, Edward Herrmann, Ed Begley Jr., Beverly D'Angelo; D: Greg Glienna; W: Greg Glienna, Jeff Baynes; C: Jeffrey Greeley, Tim Suhrstedt; M: David Kitay, Arnold Diamond.