The Refrigerator

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The Refrigerator ★½ 1991

Filmed on a miniscule budget, this comic/ horror flick tells the story of the innocent Batemans of Ohio who move into a grubby New York apartment where they discover their battered Norge refrigerator is actually a doorway to hell. The fridge has a taste for flesh and tends to eat the unwary visitor as well as defrosting blood (very messy). All the previous tenants disappeared without a trace—will the Batemans be next? Cartoon satire is too amateurish to be successful. 86m/C VHS . David Simonds, Julia McNeal, Angel Caban, Nena Segal, Jaime Rojo, Michelle DeCosta, Phyllis Sanz; D: Nicholas A.E. Jacobs; W: Nicholas A.E. Jacobs; C: Paul Gibson.