Reel Paradise

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Reel Paradise ★★★ 2005 (R)

Follows film industry insider, John Pierson, and his family during the final month of a one-year sabbatical in Taveuni, Fiji, from their suburban New York home. In Taveuni, the Piersons established the self-proclaimed “most remote theatre in the world” in the 180 Meridian Cinema, Taveuni's 52-year-old 288-seat theatre. Taps into the unbridled enthusiasm as the local Fijians pack the seats to view such films as “Jackass: The Movie” (later banned in Fiji), “Apocalypse Now Redux,” “Bend it Like Beckham” and the Hindi film “Kaante.” With free admission, the Piersons received little support from the Local Catholic mission—apparently the films were in competition with attendance at religious services. 110m/C DVD . USD: Steve James; C: P.H. O'Brien; M: Norman Arnold.