Redgrove, Peter

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REDGROVE, Peter. British, b. 1932. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Anthropology/Ethnology, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Fellow, Royal Society of Literature, 1982-. Scientific journalist and copywriter, 1954-61; Visiting Poet, Buffalo University, NY, 1961-62; Gregory Fellow in Poetry, Leeds University, 1962-65; Resident Writer, Falmouth School of Art, Cornwall, 1966-83; O'Connor Professor of Literature, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 1974-75; Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, 1985-87. Publications: POETRY: The Collector, 1960; The Nature of Cold Weather, 1961; At the White Monument, 1963; The Force, 1966; Dr. Faust's Sea-Spiral Spirit, 1972; Three Pieces for Voices, 1972; (with P. Shuttle) The Hermaphrodite Album, 1973; Sons of My Skin: Selected Poems 1954-74, 1975; From Every Chink of the Ark: New Poems American and English, 1977; The Weddings at Nether Powers: Poems 1975-77, 1979; (ed. with J. Silkin) New Poetry 5, 1979; The Apple-Broadcast, 1981; (ed.) Cornwall in Verse, 1982; The Working of Water, 1984; A Man Named East and Other New Poems, 1985; The Mudlark Poems, 1986; In the Hall of the Saurians, 1987; The Moon Disposes, 1987; The First Earthquake, 1989; Dressed as for a Tarot Pack, 1990; Under the Reservoir, 1992; The Laborators, 1993; My Father's Trapdoors, 1994; Abyssophone, 1995; Assembling a Ghost, 1996; Selected Poems, 1999. NON-FICTION: (with P. Shuttle) The Wise Wound: Every Woman and Eve's Curse (non-fiction), 1978; The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense (nonfiction), 1987; (with P. Shuttle) Alchemy for Women, 1995. NOVELS: In the Country of the Skin, 1973; (with P. Shuttle) The Terrors of Dr. Treviles, 1974; The Glass Cottage, 1976; The God of Glass, 1979; The Sleep of the Great Hypnotist, 1979; The Facilitators, 1982; The Cyclopean Mistress, 1993. RADIO PLAYS: In the Country of the Skin, 1973; The Holy Sinner, 1975; Dance the Putrefact, 1975; The God of Glass, 1977; Martyr of the Hives, 1980; Florent and the Tuxedo Millions, 1982; The Sin-Doctor, 1983; Dracula in White, 1984; The Scientist of the Strange, 1984; Time for the Cat-Scene, 1985; Trelamia, 1986; Six Tales from Grimm, 1987; Six Views to a Haunt, 1992; An Inspector Called Horse, 1994. STAGE PLAYS: Miss Carstairs Dressed for Blooding and Other Plays, 1976. STORIES: The One Who Set Out to Study Fear, 1989. TELEVISION PLAYS: The Sermon, 1963; Jack Be Nimble, 1980. Died 2003.