Reasoner, Livia Jane Washburn

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REASONER, Livia Jane Washburn

REASONER, Livia Jane Washburn. Also writes as Jim Austin, Livia James, J. L. Reasoner, L. J. Washburn, Elizabeth Hallam. American, b. 1957. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/ Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Westerns/Adventure, History, Bibliography, Biography. Publications: AS L.J. WASHBURN: Wild Night, 1987; Epitaph, 1988; Ghost River, 1988; Bandera Pass, 1989; Dead-Stick, 1989; The Black Moon, 1989; Dog Heavies, 1990; Riders of the Monte, 1990; Red River Ruse, 1990. WITH J. REASONER: Thunder Wagon, 1994; Wolf Shadow, 1994; Medicine Creek, 1995; Dark Trail, 1995; Judgment Day, 1995; The Wilderness Road, 1996; The Hunted, 1997; Tie a Black Ribbon, 2000. AS JIM AUSTIN: (with J.M. Reasoner) Fury, 1992; Blood Ransom, 1992; River War, 1993; Last Chance Canyon, 1994; Nevada Guns, 1995. AS LIVIA JAMES: (with J.M. Reasoner) The Emerald Land, 1983. AS J.L. REASONER: (with J.M. Reasoner) Rivers of Gold, 1995; The Healer's Road, 1995; Healer's Calling, 1996; Cossack Three Ponies, 1997. AS LIVIA REASONER: (with J. Reasoner) Lyron's Lament, 1995; Our Town, 1998. AS ELIZABETH HALLAM: Haunting Hearts, 1998; Magical Love, 1999; Time Passages, 2000. Address: PO Box 931, Azle, TX 76098, U.S.A. On- line address: [email protected]