Rancid Aluminium

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Rancid Aluminium ★½ 2000

Druggie Pete Thompson (Ifans) inherits his family's failing publishing business, which ticks off his friend (and the company's accountant) Sean Deeny (Fiennes). So Sean decides to take over the business by borrowing money from Russian mobster, Mr. Kant (Berkoff). Pete thinks Sean is just getting an additonal source of capital. Pete sleeps around and eventually learns what Sean is really up to. The Russian wants a return on his investment. And the viewer will wonder why he's wasting his time since this movie is dumb. Based on the novel by Hawes, who did the screenplay. 91m/C VHS, DVD . GB Rhys Ifans, Joseph Fiennes, Steven Berkoff, Tara Fitzgerald, Sadie Frost, Dani Behr, Keith Allen, Nick Moran; D: Edward Thomas; W: James Hawes; C: Tony Imi; M: John E.R. Hardy.