Parkes, Roger Graham

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PARKES, Roger Graham

PARKES, Roger Graham. British, b. 1933. Genres: Novels. Career: With Beaverbrook Newspapers, London, 1959-64; Story Ed., BBC-TV, London, 1964-71. Publications: Deathmask, 1970; Line of Fire, 1971; The Guardians, 1973; (with Edward Boyd) The Dark Number, 1973; The Fourth Monkey, 1978; Alice Ray Morton's Cookham, 1981; Them and Us, 1985; Riot, 1986; Y-E-S, We'll Crack it, 1987; Y-E-S, We'll Help, 1987; An Abuse of Justice, 1988; Gamelord, 1990, Troublemakers, 1990; 150 Years of Music Making, 1990; The Wages of Sin. 1992; History of a Happy School, 1997. Address: Cartlands Cottage, Kings Lane, Cookham Dean, Berks. SL6 9AY, England.