Oxenbury, Helen

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OXENBURY, Helen. British, b. 1938. Genres: Children's fiction, Illustrations. Career: Writer and illustrator of children's books. Stage designer in Colchester, England, 1960, and Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1961; television designer in London, England, 1963. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN: Numbers of Things, 1968, as Helen Oxenbury's Numbers of Things, 1983; Helen Oxenbury's ABC of Things, 1971, as ABC of Things, 1972; Pig Tale, 1973; The Queen and Rosie Randall, 1979; 729 Curious Creatures, 1980, as Curious Creatures, 1985; 729 Merry Mix-ups, 1980, as Merry Mix-ups, 1985, in UK as 729 Animal Allsorts, 1980; 729 Puzzle People, 1980, as Puzzle People, 1985; Bill and Stanley, 1981; Dressing, 1981; Family, 1981; Friends, 1981; Playing, 1981; Working, 1981; Tiny Tim: Verses for Children, 1982; Bedtime, 1982; Mother's Helper, 1982; Shopping Trip, 1982; Good Night, Good Morning, 1982; Beach Day, 1982; The Birthday Party, 1983; The Car Trip (in UK as The Drive), 1983; The Checkup (in UK as The First Check-Up), 1983; The Dancing Class, 1983; Eating Out, 1983; First Day of School (in UK as Playschool), 1983; Grandma and Grandpa (in UK as Gran and Granpa), 1984; The Important Visitor (in UK as The Visitor), 1984; Our Dog, 1984; (reteller) The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Story Book, 1985; I Can, 1986; I Hear, 1986; I See, 1986; I Touch, 1986; Baby's First Book and Doll, 1986; All Fall Down, 1987; Say Goodnight, 1987; Tickle, Tickle, 1987; Clap Hands, 1987; Monkey See, Monkey Do, 1991; (reteller) The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Treasury, 1992; The Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig, 1993; It's My Birthday, 1994. TOM AND PIPPO SERIES: Tom and Pippo Go for a Walk, 1988; Tom and Pippo Make a Mess, 1988; Tom and Pippo Read a Story, 1988; Tom and Pippo and the Washing Machine, 1988; Tom and Pippo Go Shopping, 1989; Tom and Pippo See the Moon, 1989; Tom and Pippo's Day, 1989; Tom and Pippo in the Garden, 1989; Tom and Pippo in the Snow, 1989; Tom and Pippo Make a Friend, 1989; Pippo Gets Lost, 1989; Tom and Pippo and the Dog, 1989. Illustrator of books by L. Carroll, T. Cooke, I. Cutler, M. Kempadoo, E. Lear, H. Lerner, M. Mahy, F. Maschler, P. Root, M. Rosen, A. Tolstoy, E. Trivizias, M. Waddell. Address: c/o Greene and Heaton Ltd, 37 Goldhawk Rd, London W12 8QQ, England.