Osserman, Robert

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OSSERMAN, Robert. American, b. 1926. Genres: Mathematics/Statistics. Career: University of Colorado, Boulder, instructor, 1952-53; Stanford University, Stanford, CA, acting assistant professor, 1955-57, assistant professor, 1957-60, associate professor, 1960-66, professor of mathematics, 1966- 94, chairman of math department, 1973-79, Mellon Professor of Interdiscipli- nary Studies, 1987-90, professor emeritus, 1994-. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, visiting lecturer and research associate, 1961-62. Member, New York University Institute of Math Sciences, 1957-58; Office of Naval Research, head of math branch, 1960-61; Math Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA, member, 1983-84, deputy director, 1990-95, special projects director, 1995-. Fulbright lecturer, University of Paris, 1965-66; Guggenheim fellow, University of Warwick, Imperial College, University of London, 1976-77. Publications: Two-Dimensional Calculus, 1968; A Survey of Minimal Surfaces, 1969, 2nd ed., 1986; (with D.A. Hoffman) The Geometry of the Generalized Gauss Map, 1980; Poetry of the Universe: A Mathematical Exploration of the Cosmos, 1995. EDITOR: (with S.S. Chern) Differential Geometry, Proceedings of the Symposium in Pure Mathematics, 1975; (with A. Weinstein) Geometry of the Laplace Operator, Proceedings of the Symposium in Pure Mathematics, 1980; Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences, vol. 90: Minimal Surfaces, 1997. VIDEOTAPES: (with others) Fermat's Last Theorem-The Theorem and Its Proof: An Exploration of Issues and Ideas, 1993; Mathematics in Arcadia-Tom Stoppard in Conversation with Robert Osserman, 1999; Galileo-A Dialog on Science, Mathematics, History and Drama, 1999. Address: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, 17 Gauss Way, Berkeley, CA 94720-5070, U.S.A.