Odds Against Tomorrow

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Odds Against Tomorrow ★★★ 1959

Compulsive gambler/nightclub singer Johnny Ingram (Belafonte) owes big money to gangster Bacco (Kuluva). He hooks up with racist ex-con Earl Slater (Ryan) and former policeman Dave Burke (Begley) to rob a bank but everything goes wrong. Ingram and Slater manage to escape to a nearby oil storage area but the racial tensions between the two are proving deadlier than the cops on their trail. Based on the novel by William P. McGivern; because of the blacklist screenwriter Polonsky was “fronted” by John O. Killens. Polonsky officially received credit for his work in 1996. 120m/ B VHS, DVD . Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelley Winters, Ed Begley Sr., Gloria Grahame, Will Kuluva, Richard Bright; D: Robert Wise; W: Abraham Polonsky, Nelson Gidding; C: Joseph Brun; M: John Lewis.