Nick and Jane

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Nick and Jane ★★ 1996 (R)

See John sleep with another woman. See Jane see John sleep with another woman. See Jane run out of the building to catch a cab. See Nick pick her up in the cab. This is just a glimpse of all the hilarious fun you'll see when New Yorker Jane (Wheeler-Nicholson) gets a fake boyfriend, Nick (McCaffrey), to upset two-timing John (Dossett). Predictable romantic comedy does have something to offer in sparks between the leads, but they're buried amid the bizarre subplots and off-beat supports. The opening scene where Jane catches her boyfriend cheating is the lone unique and funny segment. Cost-saving camera work, devoid of close-ups and reaction shots, shows. 94m/C VHS . Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, James McCaffrey, Lisa Gay Hamilton, John Dossett, David Johansen, Gedde Watanabe, Saundra Santiago, George Coe, Clinton Leupp; D: Rich Mauro; W: Rich Mauro, Peter Quigley, Neil Alumkal; C: Christopher Norr; M: Mark Suozzo.

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Nick and Jane

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