Ned Kelly 1970

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Ned Kelly ★★½ Ned Kelly, Outlaw 1970 (PG)

Dramatizes the life of Australia's most notorious outlaw. Kelly (Jagger) and his family start off as horse thieves and proceed from there. A manhunt results in death and the eventual capture and execution of Kelly. The very contemporary British Jagger was miscast as a period Australian and British director Richardson seems to have lacked an empathy for the material, given his lethargic direction. 100m/C VHS, DVD . GB Mick Jagger, Allen Bickford, Geoff Gilmour, Mark McManus, Serge Lazareff, Peter Sumner, Ken Shorter, James Elliott, Diane Craig, Sue Lloyd, Clarissa Kaye; D: Tony Richardson; W: Ian Jones, Tony Richardson; M: Shel Silverstein.