My Little Assassin

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My Little Assassin ★★ 1999

In 1959, idealistic 19-year-old Marita Lorenz is in Cuba with her CIA operative mother (Clayburgh), when she falls for revolutionary leader Fidel Castro (Mantegna). She winds up pregnant and alone in New York, where the CIA tries to convince her that Fidel's a bad guy. So, she decides to return to Cuba and assassinate him. In 1993, Lorenz wrote a book detailing her affair, the birth of their daughter, and Lorenz's involved in a failed plot to poison the dictator in 1960. If you can suspend your credulity, you'll discover a watchable pot-boiler with Mantegna as a charismatic Cuban leader. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Joe Mantegna, Gabrielle Anwar, Jill Clayburgh, Robert Davi, Scott Paulin, Tony Plana, Reiner Schone, Mike Moroff, Glenn Morshower, Dean Norris; D: Jack Bender; W: Howard Korder; M: David Schwartz. CABLE