Murder Without Conviction

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Murder Without Conviction ★★½ 2004

When exnun Christine Bennett (Ward) visits her cousin in a mental facility, she meets savant James Talley (Proval). He and his twin, Edward, have been separated for 30 years, ever since they were accused, but not convicted, of their mother's murder on Good Friday, 1974, and a judge sent them to separate hospitals. Christine becomes suspicious and teams up with handsome detective Jack Brooks (Weisser) to have the case reopened. But someone is deadly serious about wanting Christine to mind her own business. 90m/C DVD . Megan Ward, Morgan Weisser, David Proval, Rutanya Alda, Matt Lutz, Patty Duke; D: Kevin Connor; W: Bruce Franklin Singer; C: Dane Peterson; M: Roger Bellon. CABLE

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Murder Without Conviction

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