Mrs. Parkington

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Mrs. Parkington ★★½ 1944

Overblown epic drama spanning six decades tells the story of the rise and fall of an American dynasty made on easy money. Garson plays the woman who goes from working as a maid in a boarding house to living a life of luxury when she marries a multimillionaire. This was the fifth pairing of Garson and Pidgeon and although it's not one of their best, it proved to be a big hit with audiences. Lavish costumes and good performances by Garson and Moorehead. Based on the novel by Louis Bromfield. 124m/B VHS . Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold, Frances Rafferty, Agnes Moorehead, Selena Royle, Gladys Cooper, Lee Patrick; D: Tay Garnett; W: Robert Thoeren, Polly James; C: Joseph Ruttenberg. Golden Globes ‘45: Support. Actress (Moorehead).