Morris, Lynn

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MORRIS, Lynn. American. Genres: Romance/Historical. Career: Writer. Publications: WITH G. MORRIS: The Stars for a Light, 1994; Shadow of the Mountains, 1994; A City Not Forsaken, 1995; Toward the Sunrising, 1996; Secret Place of Thunder, 1996; In the Twilight, in the Evening, 1997; Island of the Innocent, 1998; Driven with the Wind, 2000; Where Two Seas Met, 2001; The Moon by Night, 2004. WITH G. AND A. MORRIS: The Beginning of Sorrows, 1999; Fallen Stars, Bitter Waters, 2000. OTHER: The Balcony, 1997; Red and Lowering Sky, 2004. Address: c/o Bethany House Publishers, 11400 Hampshire Ave, Bloomington, MN 55438, U.S.A.