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MOORCOCK, Michael (John)

MOORCOCK, Michael (John). Also writes as Bill Barclay, Edward P. Bradbury, James Colvin, Desmond Reid. British, b. 1939. Genres: Novels, Science fiction/Fantasy, Novellas/Short stories, Ghost Writer. Career: Ed., Tarzan Adventures, 1956-58; Sexton Blake Library, 1959-61; New Worlds, London, 1964-80. Publications: The Stealer of Souls and Other Stories, 1963; Stormbringer, 1965; The Fireclown, 1965, as The Winds of Limbo, 1969; The Sundered Worlds, 1965, as The Blood Red Game, 1970; (ghostwriter) The LSD Dossier, by Roger Harris, 1966; The Twilight Man, 1966, as The Shores of Death, 1970; The Wrecks of Time, 1967, as The Rituals of Infinity, 1971; The Jewel in the Skull, 1967; The Final Programme, 1968; Sorcerer's Amulet, 1968, as The Mad God's Amulet, 1969; Sword of the Dawn, 1968; The Ice Schooner, 1969; Behold the Man, 1969; The Black Corridor, 1969; The Time Dweller (stories), 1969; The Secret of the Runestaff, 1969, as The Runestaff, 1969; The Singing Citadel (stories), 1970; The Eternal Champion, 1970; Phoenix in Obsidian, 1970, as The Silver Warriors, 1973; A Cure for Cancer, 1971; The Warlord of the Air, 1971; The Knight, Queen, King of the Swords (trilogy), 3 vols., 1971; The Sleeping Sorceress, 1971, as The Vanishing Tower, 1977; An Alien Heat, 1972; Breakfast in the Ruins, 1972; The English Assassin, 1972; Elric of Melnibone, 1972, as The Dreaming City, 1972; The Jade Man's Eyes, 1973; The Bull and the Spear, 1973; Count Brass, 1973; The Champion of Garathorm, 1973; The Oak and the Ram, 1973; (with P. Druillet) Elric: The Return to Melnibone, 1973; The Land Leviathan, 1974; The Hollow Lands, 1974; The Sword and the Stallion, 1974; (with P. James) The Distant Suns, 1975; The Quest for Tanelorn, 1975; The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century, 1976; The End of All Songs, 1976; Moorcock's Book of Martyrs (stories), 1976, as Dying for Tomorrow, 1978; The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius, 1976; Legends from the End of Time, 1976; The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, 1976; (with M. Butterworth) The Time of the Hawklords, 1976; The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming, 1977, as Messiah at the End of Time, 1978; The Weird of the White Wolf, 1977; The Bane of the Black Sword, 1977; Sojan (for children), 1977; The Condition of Muzak, 1977; Gloriana, Or the Unfulfill'd Queen, 1978; The Real Life Mr. Newman, 1979; (with H.V. Chaykin) The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell, 1979; The Golden Barge, 1979; My Experiences in the Third World War, 1980; The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, 1980; Byzantium Endures, 1981; The Entropy Tango, 1981; The War Hound and the World's Pain, 1981; The Steel Tsar, 1981; The Brothel in Rosenstrasse, 1982; The Laughter of Carthage, 1984; The Opium General and Other Stories, 1984; Elric at the End of Time (stories), 1984, novella, 1987; The Chronicles of Castle Brass, 1985, as Count Brass, 1993; The City in the Autumn Stars, 1986; The Dragon in the Sword, 1986; Mother London, 1988; The Fortress of the Pearl, 1989; Casablanca (stories), 1989; The Revenge of the Rose, 1991; Jerusalem Commands, 1992; Earl Aubec and Other Stories, 1993; Lunching with the Anti-Christ, 1994; Blood: A Southern Fantasy, 1995; Fabulous Harbors, 1997; (with S. Constantine) Silverheart, 2000; The Dreamthief's Daughter, 2001. OMNIBUSES: The Swords Trilogy, 1977, as The Swords of Corum, 1986, as Corum, 1992; The Cornelius Chronicles, 1977, as The Cornelius Chronicles, Vols II and III, 1986-87, Books One and Two, 2 vols, 1988, as The Cornelius Quartet, 1993; The Chronicles of Corum, 1978, as The Prince with the Silver Hand, 1993; The History of Runestaff, 1979, as Hawkmoon, 1992; The Black Corridore/The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius, 1979; Warrior of Mars, 1981; The Dancers at the End of Time, 1981; The Nomad of Time, 1982, as A Nomad of the Time Streams, 1993; The Elric Saga Parts One and Two, 1984; Tales from the End of Time, 1989; Von Bek, 1992; The Eternal Champion, 1992; Sailing to Utopia, 1993; Elric of Melnibone, 1993; A Cornelius Calendar, 1993; Behold the Man and Other Stories, 1994. NON-FICTION: Epic Pooh, 1978; The Retreat from Liberty: The Erosion of Democracy in Today's Britain, 1983; Letters from Hollywood, 1986; Wizardry and Wild Romance: A Study of Epic Fantasy, 1987; (with J. Cawthorn) Fantasy: The 100 Best Books, 1988; (with C. Greenland) Death Is No Obstacle, 1992; The War amongst the Angels: An Autobiographical Story, 1996; Dude's Dreams: The Music of Michael Moorcock, 1997. EDITOR: The Best of New Worlds, 1965; SF Reprise 1, 2 and 5, 1966-67; Best SF Stories from New Worlds 1-8, 1967- 74; The Traps of Time, 1968; (anon.) The Inner Landscape, 1969; New Worlds Quarterly 1-5, and New Worlds 6, 1971-73; (co-) The Nature of the Catastrophe, 1971; Before Armageddon, 1975; England Invaded, 1977; New Worlds: An Anthology, 1983; (co-) The New Nature of the Castrophe, 1993; H.G. Wells, The Time Machine 1993. AS BILL BARCLAY: Printer's Devil, 1966, as The Russian Intelligence, 1980; Somewhere in the Night, 1966, as The Chinese Agent, 1970. AS EDWARD P. BRADBURY: Michael Kane series: Warriors of Mars, 1965, as The City of the Beast, 1970; Blades of Mars, 1965, as Lord of the Spiders, 1970; Barbarians of Mars, 1965, as The Masters of the Pit, 1970. AS JAMES COLVIN: The Deep Fix (stories), 1966. AS DESMOND REID: (with J. Cawthorn) Caribbean Crisis, 1962. Address: c/o Sheil Land Associates Ltd., 43, Doughty St., London WC1N 2LF, England.

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