Me Without You

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Me Without You ★★ 2001 (R) 616

Marina (Friel) and Holly (Williams) are adolescent friends in London in 1974, whose changing relationship is seen over a 20-year period. Holly fancies Marina's brother Nat (Milburn) but Marina's jealousy prevents anything serious from developing. In college, Holly studies, Marina parties, and both become rivals for American lecturer Daniel (MacLachlan). Holly becomes increasingly dissatified with Marina's selfishness and eventually decides to pursue a relationship with Nat after all. Friel plays a brat whose vulnerability is occasionally revealed, while Williams works on her English accent as the idealistic nice girl. 107m/C VHS, DVD . GB Anna Friel, Michelle Williams, Oliver Milburn, Kyle MacLachlan, Trudie Styler, Nicky Henson, Allan Corduner, Deborah Findlay, Marianne (Cuau) Denicourt, Steve John Shepherd; D: Sandra Goldbacher; W: Sandra Goldbacher, Laurence Coriat; C: Denis Crossan; M: Adrian Johnston.